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Welcome to Healthy Eating Food. I know you are tired of being told what to eat and I can’t blame you. I used to think I was a good eater. I was healthy, was not overweight and rarely got sick.

Then I started getting a little belly fat that would not go away. I didn’t understand how this could happen when I didn’t eat much at all. I wasn’t the couch potato, didn’t eat sweets. I simply had a baby and the extra belly fat wanted to stick with me.

I started a journey to learn about food and was shocked at what I thought I knew about a healthy balanced diet. I will help you to learn the most healthy foods. There are good healthy foods, weight loss food that are not shakes or packaged meals. All the healthy food choices I’ll write about are real food, not processed refined food stuff.

They are foods that could save your life or at least foods shown to heal. The least you will find here is how to eat healthy. The more you visit the more you will find healthy recipes and learn about healthy food for children. I want you to learn to celebrate food and use food for health and longevity.

Real food does offer the perfect diet if you know what real food is. Be prepared to learn about whole real foods: Much of what you will read on HealthyEatingFood is not what you read in the media and it might go against what you believe to be truly healthy food. Take the time to discover what our ancestors ate and the traditional eating habits that kept them healthier than most of us are today. Teach your kids that Wheat Thin crackers are not a health food.

Show the kids where our food comes from, the ground. Comments will be open so feel free to share a link to a great recipe, real food articles or other real food sites. Big fat surprise – why Americans are getting fatter and dying too soon, Whole food and more about a whole food nation. I understand the sticker shock that comes from choosing nourishing, real foods.

It can be hard to pay $6. 50/gallon for grass-fed raw milk when the grocery store milk is $3/gallon less. It feels crazy. Eating Real Food On A Budget We’ve raised an entire generation that doesn’t even know that crackers are not real food.

Eating Real Food again. We eat food because it gives us essential nutrients, nutrients that our bodies cannot make on their own. This is why we would DIE without food!

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