I’m a person who has always had a hard time struggling with my weight through out my life. Yo yo diets have become a way of life for me and proven to be largely unsuccessful. I recently went to the doctor only to discover that I now have high blood pressure and that served as a wake up call for me. I ditched the diet pills and decided I needed to focus on a lifestyle change for my health. I had a friend who is a fitness expert and nutritionist that I asked for help. She recommended I start looking into the Paleo diet that everyone was buzzing about. I had heard a little about it but I wasn’t thrilled about the idea of eating raw fruits and veggies for the rest of my life.

I love meat and couldn’t fathom not eating cooked food! The diet was based on the way our earliest ancestors ate and was supposed to be super healthy. Would it be good for me? Of course. Would I love it and be willing to stick with it? Not likely. I snubbed my nose at her idea and explained I like real food that I could taste and made me feel full and satisfied.

Knowing what my reaction would be, she had her laptop ready and showed me something that would change my mind completely. It was a recipe book called The Paleo Recipe Book. I know, the name sounds about as boring as what we know the dieting to be. But when I saw the beautiful pictures displayed on the website of the delicious looking recipes, I had to know more. My friend explained to me that she thinks the Paleo diet gets a bad rap and that’s why so many people run for the hills when they hear that word. Eating raw veggies and fruit everyday would be maddening for anyone. You naturally crave yummy, moist meats and warm comfort foods and to say you can never eat those is a recipe for disaster.

But, in reality the Paleo diet can be modified to your preferences. That’s the beauty of the Paleo Recipe Book! It’s full of wonderful recipes that you’d never guess were healthy. The Paleo Recipe Book is packed with over 350 full color recipes that make your mouth water just to look at. You’ll be surprised when you look into the ingredients in each recipe. You don’t have to go on a hunt around town to various whole foods markets to find what you need. The recipes are simple to make with basic ingredients, making it pretty easy for everyone.

The Paleo Recipe Book includes recipes that will surprise you, like bacon (yes, bacon) wrapped sweet potatoes, Grilled shrimp skewers, and chocolate chunk cookies! Does that sound like a primitive diet to you? I decided it couldn’t hurt to purchase the book and try a few recipes myself. It was only $29 dollars so I thought it was worth the risk. Since I ordered the Paleo Recipe Book I decided to do more research into the health benefits of the Paleo diet on my own. If I could lower my blood pressure naturally I could avoid taking daily medication which would make me feel a lot better. I was really amazed when I saw all the benefits of the paleo diet and eating recipes from the Paleo Recipe Book.

The diet focuses on living and eating healthier as well as being active. It’s all about balancing everything in your life to make you feel great and healthy for a lifetime. Enjoying recipes from the Paleo Recipe Book can boost cognitive function. Couldn’t we all benefit from that, say ,when we lose our keys again or forget out debit card at home? Clearer thinking can help day to day to help your day go smoother. It can also help prevent inflammation. This is huge if you suffer from arthritis or any other inflammatory condition.

Improve immune system. With all the colds and viruses going around these days having a strong immune defense is key. This means less work or school missed. It can boost your energy and increase digestion. These are both important for weight loss and management. And lets be honest,we could all use a little extra energy. You can also prevent premature aging, and everyone in the world would love that.

The more I read about these benefits, the more thrilled I was to try out the Paleo Recipe Book myself. I was excited about the prospect of losing weight and not starving myself or popping pills. I was excited when I got my Paleo Recipe Book. I read about the author Sebastien Noel and his endless health problems and how he came to try Paleo recipes and compile them to make The Paleo Recipe book. I started eating dishes I made from the recipes on day one. My first meal was breakfast and I made breakfast egg muffins. They were delicious and I didn’t feel deprived!

I was prone to skip breakfast, so this was great! I was so worried about getting bored with the Paleo Recipe Book but I learned quickly that with so many recipes the only reason to repeat is because you loved a recipe so much! I was enjoying meatballs,and even cakes and cookies. But, I had forgotten about the reason I started the diet and purchased The Paleo Recipe Book. I was reminded why within a week. My clothes started getting loose and I stepped on the scale to discover I had lost weight! How do you lose weight without thinking about it?

I was ecstatic! In six weeks I had lost three dress sizes and was still not bored with the recipes or diet. I went to the doctor to discover my blood pressure had dropped. It was definitely working. I am two months in and I love The Paleo Recipe Book still. I have enjoyed so many recipes and have a few favorites that are my go to meals. I even had a dinner party and no one knew they were eating paleo!

I highly recommend this book to anyone battling any chronic condition or who needs to lose weight for health issues or to feel better about yourself. When you follow the diet and become more active you will begin to feel a change pretty quickly. If you are literally sick and tried of feeling sluggish and overweight what are you waiting for? Don’t you want to enjoy renewed energy and a slimmer, healthier you? The Paleo Recipe Book will be an exciting way to change your life without breaking your budget. For $29. 00 you get over 350 fantastic recipes , the Paleo food list, faqs, and informative articles!

Visit their website and order your copy of The Paleo Recipe Book today. Do it for your health!

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